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Targeted Employee Engagement (TEE)

TEE leverages psychographic profiling and behavioral science to enhance benefit communications and increase engagement in benefit programs through targeting messaging segmented by the employee’s demographics, values, and more

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Pillars of Segmentation

Individuals are segmented and assigned one of five health personality segments based on their distinct sets of values, beliefs, preferences, and priorities, which allow us to target our message to resonate with distinct sets of motivations that influence the employee’s approach to decision making, particularly when it comes to selecting benefits.

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Targeted Communications

Each segment is targeted with a customized communication strategy and counselor script used to tailor the employee enrollment experience. Versioned communications are distributed to employees through various mediums, including email and text messages, which provide detailed analytical results.

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Client Results

Brokers and clients see real results. Recently, an EOI client experienced a 12% decrease in their medical spend PE/PY. Leverage TEE to reduce your expenses, drive employees to your preferred medical plan, reduce turnover, and more!

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