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45 Years of Experience

EOI Service Company is a national benefits communication and enrollment firm that brings 45 years of experience to the design, communication, and enrollment of core and voluntary benefits and other value-added services.

We are appointed, licensed, and represent clients in all 51 jurisdictions with regional offices in California, Colorado, Illinois, Maryland, New York, and Texas.

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The EOI Mission

EOI Service Company is the quality voluntary benefit implementation organization. We constantly strive to bring innovative concepts and processes to our clients. The value of our efforts will be measured in terms of the benefit derived by those we serve.

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Expert Service
We Provide

our employer clients with highly visible, effectively communicated and administered voluntary benefits programs, which reflect positively on them.

We Provide

our employee clients with a solid understanding of how the benefits available to them can enhance the financial security of themselves and their families.

Broker Support
We Provide

our broker consultant partners and insurers with consistent, well-documented, quality delivery of service.

Professional Growth
We Provide

our team members with professional challenges and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

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Vision of EOI Service Company

EOI inspires our clients and their employees to secure the quality of life for themselves and future generations. Our vision is to provide employers, employees, and advisors with an array of services that will better allow employers and their workforce to understand and utilize their benefits.

98.5 %

of employees thought their benefit appointment was beneficial and worthy of their time

98.5 %

of employees thought meeting or speaking with a benefit counselor was a convenient way to learn about their benefits

97.8 %

of employees had a greater understanding of their benefits after meeting with a benefit counselor


total number of employees surveyed after completing their benefits enrollment process with a benefit counselor

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The History of EOI

EOI Service Company, Inc. was founded in Chicago, Illinois. The company has operated under the same management and ownership structure since its founding.

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EOI communicated and enrolled the first-ever employer-sponsored universal life insurance plan at Harris Bank, Chicago’s third largest bank at the time.

EOI opens an office in Orange County, California.

EOI opens the call center in Grand Junction, Colorado.

EOI expanded into benefit statement enrollments and core benefits enrollments.

EOI surpasses $12,000,000 in enrolled premium.

EOI surpasses $16,000,000 in enrolled premium.

EOI’s first annual three-day Counselor Training Conference in Arizona.

EOI begins communicating Cancer Guardian, a new and innovative, high touch support program designed to provide the support and resources needed to effectively navigate cancer while improving chances of survival. EOI also begins testing computer science technology with Targeted Employee Engagement (TEE).

EOI begins utilizing Augmented Intelligence for insights to improve training, analytics, and quality assurance management.

EOI surpasses $47,000,000 in enrolled premium.