John Allen Promoted to Chief Distribution Officer

EOI Service Company is pleased to announce the promotion of John Allen to Chief Distribution Officer, effective immediately.

This new title reflects the major role that John has played in the development and implementation of strong distribution partnerships and strategies to maximize the work of EOI’s Regional Directors of Marketing in delivering effective sales, marketing and service support to their brokers and their broker’s clients. He will continue to develop and execute strategic marketing initiatives on a national level, including a specific focus on the enhancement of value-added services that EOI provides for its clients and will continue to lead marketing for the Midwest region of the United States.

Since joining EOI in 2009, John has played a key role in the area of strategic sales and marketing. He has also made significant contributions to EOI’s enrollment and implementation teams and in EOI’s achievement of record annual growth in each of the last seven years.

John is known as an industry thought leader, strategically positioning value-based solutions for HR business partners that reach far beyond voluntary benefit offerings. He actively participates as a panelist and speaker in industry events, such as those sponsored by Benefits Selling, LIMRA, Worksite Mania, NBGH, and others. John is married and lives with his wife, Beth, and their four daughters, Sophia, Stella, Lilia, and Julia in Wilmette, Illinois.

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