Jennifer Marchetti Promoted to Senior Director, Key Partnerships

EOI Service Company is pleased to announce that Jennifer Marchetti has been promoted to the role of Senior Director, Key Partnerships & Communications at EOI, effective January 1, 2019.

In this new role, Jennifer will work closely with John Allen, EOI’s Chief Distribution Officer, and will be responsible for managing key broker and client relationships, facilitating a smooth transition from sales to implementation, and ensuring a flawless execution on client projects. She will also continue to lead EOI’s communications practice, setting overall strategy and overseeing the performance of the team.

Since joining EOI in 2010, Jennifer has supported EOI’s growth as a leader within the organization. As the head of our communications practice, she has elevated our offerings by introducing new programs and platforms, streamlining processes, and executing dynamic and targeted communications through our TEE program.

We are thrilled to have Jennifer expand her role at EOI. We believe that her leadership experience, knowledge of EOI and our best practices, proven ability to implement new initiatives, and track record of developing strong relationships both internally and externally will help her excel in this role and we look forward to celebrating many successes with her.

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