Lifetime Benefit Term Life Insurance


LifeTime Benefit Term Insurance with Long Term Care Coverage is available in addition to your EOI-provided basic term life. LifeTime Benefit Term is permanent term insurance that can last a lifetime, with premiums guaranteed for life and coverage for qualified long term care expenses like nursing home, assisted living, or home care. The plan is portable and coverage is also available for your spouse and children.

Permanent Term Insurance that lasts a Lifetime!

…Finally, a benefit solution for “Pre” and “Post” Retirement needs

Plan Features

  • Life Insurance Premiums Guaranteed for Life
  • Long Term Care coverage worth 3x your death benefit amount. That’s up to 75
  • Months of care for Nursing Home, Assisted Living and Home Care!
  • Very easy to qualify for coverage
  • Paid-Up Insurance starting after the tenth year
  • Death Benefit is Fully Paid-Up prior to Age 100 on a current assumption basis
  • Plan is Portable with no increase in premium
  • Spouse and Children coverage available
  • Accelerated Death Benefit for Terminal Illness included
  • Guaranteed protection for Today and Tomorrow
  • Sample rates provided on the back


LifeTime Benefit Term Flyer

NBP Combined LBT Offer




To Enroll Please Contact Kevin Rickley


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