401(k) Retirement Account

Retirement Planning

Our 401(k) plan offers you a way to save for your retirement. This plan provides significant tax benefits during your working years and enables you to build up an account for future use. The plan requires the employee to designate a portion of his/her paycheck to be contributed by payroll deduction. This contribution is withheld each pay period and is deducted before federal and state income taxes are withheld. If you contribute to the plan, you will be eligible for a matching contribution from EOI. For every dollar you contribute, EOI provides a matching contribution of 50%, up to a maximum of $200 per year. To receive this match, you must be employed on December 31st of that particular year. All employee contributions and employer match contributions are 100% vested immediately and cannot be lost regardless of when he/she leaves the company. Participants have a choice of investment for their funds. You may change your election or investment funds at any time. More information is available in the 401(k) packet you will receive upon eligibility. You will be eligible to participate in the plan when you have attained age 21 and completed one year of service. Your entry date will be the first day of the plan year quarter coinciding with, or next following, the date you satisfy the eligibility requirements.

Employees can access their website at www.verisightgroup.com. You would need to register yourself. Default User ID is “SSN” with no spaces. Password: “MMYY”

Shabana Farid will make your account active as soon as you become eligible, but you will have to activate the account with all the information.

Summary Plan Description


To enroll please contact Shabana Farid.

Email: sfarid@eoiservice.com

Phone: 714-881-1242



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