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There is nothing more important than your health. EOI offers two medical plans; one for California-only residents and one for non-California residents. Please see below for more information regarding your particular plan. The table on the next page highlights the features of your medical plan.

California Team Members

Team members who reside in the state of California may choose to participate in the Kaiser medical plan.

3-Employee-Dependent Change Form- English

Kaiser Summary of Benefits

Kaiser SBC


Illinois and Non-California Team Members

Team members who reside in a state other than California may choose to participate in the Cigna medical plan. This plan features an employer-funded Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) which you can use to pay for your qualifying out-of-pocket medical expenses. The plan will reimburse you 75% of your eligible medical expenses up to a maximum of $2,200 per family or individual. Up to $500 of unused funds can be carried forward to the next year.

Plan Overview



Good News!

You can earn an additional $200 for your HRA or FSA if you complete the WellWorks Comprehensive Health Risk Assessment. To complete your assessment, visit The EOI Group ID is 22. If you forget your account name or password, contact Katie at 314-919-2034 or

Wellworks Account Instructions

To enroll please contact Shabana Farid.


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