Voluntary Benefits

Imagine…a voluntary benefits program designed to fulfill the needs of your employees while solving the challenges that gaps in coverage present to most employees insured through your benefits plans.

EOI Service Company enrolled the first employer-sponsored universal life plan ever initiated in the United States. Since that time, we have developed a particular expertise in helping employers identify benefits which will best supplement their existing benefit program. We then conduct market research to determine the appropriate carrier partners offering the best products available in terms of features, cost, underwriting, and ease of administration.

Exclusive products are rare in the employee benefits market, which sets EOI apart. EOI has exclusivity on some of the products described here; you cannot obtain them anywhere else.

Products are usually offered on a guaranteed basis. They are paid for through the convenience of payroll deduction and are typically portable at the same rates – options that employees find attractive.

Below we have provided brief descriptions of the products with which we work, listed in the order of appeal as measured by employee participation.

Voluntary Life Benefits

We offer life insurance products as a supplement to the basic and optional group term insurance that most employees already have through their employer. These include whole life, universal life, and term life and will give your employees the option to diversify their life insurance portfolio in the same way that the investment options in their 401(k) plan allow them to diversify their retirement portfolio. Employees may purchase coverage on themselves, their spouses, and/or children.

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Disability Income Insurance Plans

Often described as insurance that goes to work when the insured can’t, this policy pays an income for a specified benefit period when the insured becomes disabled.

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Accident Insurance Coverage

Accident insurance pays specified cash benefits for accidental injuries and can cover the employee, spouse, and/or children. It pays in addition to other health insurance coverage and does not coordinate benefits with group health insurance plans.

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Critical Illness Coverage

Critical illness insurance takes the concept of supplemental coverage for cancer and expands it to cover heart attack, stroke, organ transplant, kidney failure, and other serious illnesses and medical conditions.

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Cancer Insurance Coverage

Cancer insurance has gained popularity due to the more restrictive nature of managed care networks. Cancer policies pay specified benefits to reimburse expenses incurred in the treatment of cancer and, with some products, other major illnesses.

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Long Term Care Coverage

Long term care insurance pays for a variety of services needed when individuals are unable to care for themselves because of an illness or cognitive impairment. These services can be provided in a nursing home, an alternate care facility such as an Alzheimer's Unit, a community-based setting such as an adult day care, or in their own home.

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Legal Service Plans

Legal service plans bring significant value to the average employee who does not have an attorney and/or is not familiar with the legal system. There are several approaches, ranging from a low-cost plan option that provides access to a network of attorneys with free consultations, to a full service program which could have as much as 46 hours of legal services pre-paid for a family during the year.

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Dental and Vision Coverage

Dental coverage helps to pay the expenses of preventive, routine, and major dental care, including orthodontia.

Vision coverage provides specific benefits and discounts to help pay the expenses of prescriptions lenses for traditional frames and contact lenses and other routine vision care.

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Personal Lines Coverage

These programs offer homeowner and auto coverage to employees at discounted group rates with the opportunity to pay premiums on a monthly or semi-monthly basis rather than annually or semi-annually.

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Computer Purchase Program

This program gives employees the opportunity to purchase the latest in computer technology through payroll deductions.

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Pet Insurance

Veterinary care has become very expensive. Pet insurance can provide reimbursement for veterinary care for dogs, cats, and other animals.

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