Total Compensation Statements

Imagine…giving all of your employees the opportunity to meet with a professional benefit counselor and get answers to all of their benefit questions with no cost to you.

Total compensation statements delivered in one-on-one meetings with each employee is an extremely effective way to help your employees understand the value of their benefit package. We offer a variety of custom-designed options that will present your benefits in the most positive light and give each employee the opportunity to ask questions and feel more confident about what they have now and receive guidance on what they might need in the future.

Our compensation statements provide:

  • An introductory statement from your benefits department, president, or CEO.
  • Custom-design opportunities to ensure that the message achieves your objectives.
  • An overview of each employee’s total compensation package in proven design formats for effective communication.
  • A choice of showing employer-only or employer and employee contributions.
  • Information on your life, health, disability, dental, vision, and other benefit plans.
  • Retirement and 401K plan contributions and values, both current and projected.
  • Company stock purchase and stock option plans.
  • Additional benefits, such as employee assistance plans, tuition reimbursement, paid time off, sick leave, SSI, and all other benefits.

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