Project Enrollment Team

Imagine…you have a team to help with benefits enrollment and administration.

As you are no doubt aware, the enrollment and administration of benefits is a time-consuming process, and can often be overwhelming. EOI will provide a well-trained team of specialists that will support you during the enrollment process and follow through with details of administration.

Each project enrollment team will consist of a strategic advisor, account executive, implementation manager, communications specialist, a dedicated information technology expert, and benefit counselors.

Strategic Advisor

EOI’s strategic advisor will provide your organization with the best combination of products and services to meet your objectives. With years of experience, industry relationships, and knowledge, your advisor will develop a well thought out strategy and message using the latest technology available.

Account Executive

Each on-site benefit enrollment is managed by an account executive who is responsible for the following:

  • Managing all aspects of the enrollment phase of the project.
  • Working with your HR managers and site managers to schedule the enrollment.
  • Working with our counselors to ensure that your message is delivered on a consistent basis during the entire enrollment.
  • Maintaining contact with you throughout the year to provide assistance, remedy issues, and plan for each annual enrollment.

Implementation Manager

The implementation manager will be a single point of contact between your HR or benefit manager, the carriers, and the enrollment team. Involved from the inception of the project, the implementation manager is the engine that keeps the whole team working together to ensure a smooth-running enrollment.

Communications Specialist

Our communications specialist will work with you to develop and execute a custom-designed communication campaign. Recognizing that each client is unique, we will formulate a communication plan with your company culture and employee population in mind. To see some examples of our previous projects, click here.

Technology Developer

The technology developer provides enrollment solutions that are tailor-made to work with your existing technologies. EOI’s proprietary tools, customized and user-friendly communications, appointment scheduling, and benefit enrollment solutions are designed to engage your employees and save you time and work. The technology developer works closely with your administrative and/or IT staff to first understand the needs of your employees and then find technology solutions to enhance their enrollment experience.

Benefit Counselors

At EOI, we pride ourselves on the professionalism, education, and quality of our benefit counselors. Counselor is the operative word; EOI benefit counselors are professionals who are able to help your employees assess their insurance needs and accurately and fully explain the options your organization has made available to them. Benefit counselors are held to the highest of ethical standards, requiring that the employee’s needs always be at the forefront.
EOI benefit counselors not only understand and communicate insurance benefits, but are trained specifically for your enrollment, so they are able to communicate your benefits and your message. This consultative approach enables your employees to make informed decisions.

If you would like to discuss a specific case or have questions about our services, please call (800) 229-4364 or email