Benefits Administration Team

Imagine…you have administrative support for you and your employees throughout the year.

The benefit administration team will guide and facilitate your enrollment to achieve the best results for your HR and payroll teams from initiation of a new enrollment to the ongoing maintenance and support of all subsequent enrollments. We are available to answer questions and resolve challenges that you and your employees might encounter.

EOI’s implementation manager will:

  • Work with your HR and payroll personnel to accommodate your payroll deduction reporting needs.
  • Ensure that your payroll staff fully understands the billing and payment process.
  • Answer and resolve any administrative questions or issues.

EOI’s customer service supports your employees on a year-round basis by:

  • Following policies from application to effective and issued status.
  • Helping employees provide underwriting information to carriers.
  • Assisting employees who want to cancel their policy, stop deductions, and get a refund.
  • Helping employees who are having difficulty with a claim.

If you would like to discuss a specific case or have questions about our services, please call (800) 229-4364 or email