Employee Assistance Program

(EAP) is a professional counseling and referral service designed to help you with your personal, job, or family matters. It is free to use and strictly confidential. Assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 800-767-5320. Online help is available at www.my-life-resource.com. The username is hmsa and the password is myresoucre. If a referral to an outside provider is needed, your counselor will recommend from carefully selected resources. Your health insurance and other financial factors will be considered to help insure that required services are affordable.

EAP Fact Sheet

Employee Benefit Summary

Legal and Financial

Management Consultation

Critical Incident Stress Management



To enroll please contact Shabana Farid.

Email: sfarid@eoiservice.com

Phone: 714-881-1242



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If you would like to discuss a specific case or have questions about our services, please call (800) 229-4364 or email info@eoiservice.com.