Imagine…brokers and insurers having a partner that will provide full support to their clients.

EOI Service Company has specialized in the design, communication, and enrollment of voluntary benefits and other value-added services for 40 years. Our role as an employee benefits communications firm is to work with brokers and consultants to deliver high-quality strategic planning, effective communication, and efficient enrollment of core and voluntary benefit programs to their clients. In this role, we support broker/consultant and insurer relationships with their clients and our track record in communications, logistics, enrollment, and customer service is proven by the many clients with whom we’ve partnered for over 20 years.

The EOI Experience

We are committed to providing our partners with the highest quality service, while easing the complexity associated with enrolling and communicating benefits to your clients and their employees.

We view the important elements of our business as:

  • Total client and employee satisfaction
  • Total broker and consultant satisfaction
  • Policies and premium applied for
  • Policies and premium issued
  • Persistency of business
  • Commitment to ongoing service on a year round basis
  • Commitment to annual re-enrollments

Service to Clients
We will achieve excellence in each of the above areas by focusing on the following:

  • Enrollments of the highest quality
  • A rolling three year benefit strategy of continuing value to your clients and their employees
  • A detailed timeline including roles/responsibilities and major milestones that leaves nothing to chance
  • An automated enrollment process for voluntary benefit, core benefit, and total compensation statement enrollments
  • Flexibility to meet each individual client’s needs
  • A clear definition of objectives and expectations for each project
  • Development of a communication strategy based on demographic analysis
  • Expected error rate of 0% backed by our commitment to correct any errors that do occur on a timely basis at our expense

Want to Evaluate a Case?

Our staff of professional plan designers and account managers is here to receive your inquiries about cases you might be working on or considering for voluntary benefits.

If you would like to discuss a specific case or have questions about our services, please call (800) 229-4364 or email