EOI Company History


EOI was founded in Chicago in 1979 with a focus on employee benefits and worksite marketing. Worksite marketing has been our exclusive business since 1988. The company has operated under the same management and ownership structure since its founding. We opened our California office in Orange County, California in 1986 and our call center in Grand Junction, Colorado in 1990. We currently have a full-time staff of 38, including 31 employees who are involved in the communication and enrollment area of our business. We are licensed in all 50 states and the District of Columbia and have ongoing enrollments in every region of the United States.

EOI communicated and enrolled the first-ever employer sponsored universal life plan in 1979 at Harris Bank, Chicago’s third largest bank. EOI also implemented the first micro-computer worksite benefit enrollment, the first combined universal life and term plan, and the first universal life with long term care rider plan. We expanded into the areas of benefit statement enrollments and core benefit enrollments in the late 1990s and currently offer state of the art technology in these areas. Today, EOI excels in the following areas:

  • Expert evaluation of the voluntary benefit market
  • Electronic core/voluntary benefit enrollments
  • Custom-designed electronic and print communication campaigns
  • Creation and distribution of total compensation statements
  • Coaching employees to appropriate medical plan options
  • On-boarding of technology platforms
  • Dependent eligibility audits
  • Replacement of existing non-performing voluntary benefit programs

Our scope of operation is national with roughly half of our business coming from the eastern United States and half from the western United States. We are active in enrollments that include one-on-one on-site employee counseling, call center enrollments, and self-service programs.

EOI has broad enrollment experience, including employers of 500 to 50,000 employees, in the following areas:  manufacturing and mining, transportation, distributorships, schools, municipalities, insurance, banking, advertising, and the legal profession. We are one of a very few national enrollment firms with extensive experience with blue, white, and gray collar employees. Additionally, one of our largest areas of concentration is healthcare. We have worked on voluntary benefit programs with over 300 hospitals, nursing homes, and healthcare organizations and have enrolled groups with as many as 190 locations.

We are known for our flexibility in meeting the needs of our broker/consultant partners and clients and for our commitment to annual re-enrollments for all of our clients. We are proud to claim continuous relationships of 20 or more years with ten of our clients and a 32-year relationship with our oldest client, a relationship that is still active today.

If you would like to discuss a specific case or have questions about our services, please call (800) 229-4364 or email info@eoiservice.com.