Client Testimonials

“It’s been a wonderful experience… with EOI and the one-on-one meetings that they have had with our employees, we have had the opportunity to market our benefits and help employees appreciate what the hospital gives them. We would never be able to do these things without the help of a company like EOI.”

— Marcia Powers, Vice President Human Resources, Norwegian American Hospital

“EOI has been a great part of our strategy because they’re already the experts on benefits and voluntary benefit plans…they’re just an extension of us and they’ve become part of our strategy to continue to give our employees high class service around their benefit plans.”

— Christine Kopp, Employee Health & Well Being Leader, ACCENT Marketing

“One of the things that really helped was time. The director of human resources and I would travel two weeks solid every year to do the open enrollment meetings, and it gave us two weeks of our life back.”

— Sandy Powell, Benefits Manager, Schwarz Partners

“We have 2,500 employees; about 1,800 are eligible for benefits…they actually are asking if they are coming back next year for our open enrollment.”

— Emil Comsti, Benefits Manager, Providence Hospital DC

“In working with EOI, I have found that the E in EOI expresses how the counselors approach the enrollment process…engage, educate, and empower. I am very impressed at the level of engagement the counselors have with employees –employees are allowed to be at ease, interviews are fact finding, meeting the employees at their level of understanding, then educating the employees on the available options that best fit their lifestyle and financial needs.Then last, but certainly not least, empowering the employees to make the final buying decisions without any pressure. EOI is a firm you can trust with your voluntary or core benefits enrollment solutions.”

— Jennifer Langley Evans, Madison Benefits Group

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